High performance acrylic

Avery Dennison’s HPA™ high performance acrylic represents a more advanced polymer formulation than our pure acrylic range, offering additional performance in key areas such as temperature and chemical resistance as well as greater holding power and durability in outdoor environments.

Extreme holding power

Very high shear strength enables our HPA™ high performance acrylics to accommodate greater stress and loads.

Temperature resistance

HPA™ high performance acrylics can operate effectively when presented with surface temperatures of up to 200°C.

Chemical and UV resistance

Can withstand harsh outdoor environments with high exposure to UV and chemicals.

Application flexibility

Suitable for a wide range of applications that require additional high performance, including graphic attachments, nameplates and dome labels, membrane switches, electrical shields, polycarbonates and veneers.

Pushing the boundaries further with HPA™ high performance acrylic

HPA™ high performance acrylic tape – features and benefits

Our cutting-edge HPA™ high performance acrylic adhesives, thanks to their advanced formulation, deliver extreme holding power under both high stress and loads, even in harshest of environments where chemicals and extreme temperatures are prevalent.


  • Very high shear strength
  • Very high temperature resistance (up to 200°C)
  • Strong resistance to chemicals and UV
  • Bonds well to medium and high surface energy materials such as metals and glass


  • A highly advanced solution for demanding applications 
  • High durability and resistance to heat, chemicals and UV ensures performance is maintained over time
  • Simple to use and can help to eliminate the need for mechanical fasteners, drilling or grinding processes
  • Solutions backed by industry leading technical support

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