Avery Dennison is a materials science and manufacturing company specializing in the design and manufacture of a wide variety of labeling and functional materials. Our expertise and global scale enable us to deliver innovative, sustainable and intelligent solutions to customers all over the world.



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Electric Vehicle Batteries



A smarter adhesive

Avery Dennison prides itself on solving customers’ real-world problems. As a leading provider of high-performance, pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes, our technologies are an integral part of the solutions we provide to major industries. These are widely used across applications in appliances, automotive, building and construction, electronics, general industrial, graphics and signage, packaging, and personal care.


Feature: Don’t Look Back...Mirror Bonding Application Success Ahead

Avery Dennison adhesive products and technical expertise can help you put your competition in the rearview mirror. Read and learn how.

Feature: Adhesives Built for the Demands of Heat Shielding

As cars and trucks have evolved, heat shielding has become ever more critical to vehicle performance. Increasing electrification and use of turbochargers in smaller engines means vehicles tend to produce more heat, underscoring the need for additional shielding. Read and discover what Avery Dennison products are best suited for the application.

Feature: As Automobiles Turn Up the Heat, Performance Adhesives Shine