Avery Dennison prides itself on solving customers’ real-world problems. As a leading provider of high-performance, pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes, our technologies are an integral part of the solutions we provide to major industries. These are widely used across applications in appliances, automotive, building and construction, electronics, general industrial, graphics and signage, packaging, and personal care.

High-adhesion rubber

High-adhesion rubber adhesives are ideal for laminating to polyester urethane and skinned foams, bonding well to low surface energy substrates such as HDPE and LDPE. Typically, applications of rubber adhesives include foam bonding such as PE, polyester urethane, EPDM, nitrile vinyl, PORON® and recycled textile felts and foams.

High-shear rubber

Our comprehensive suite of high-shear rubber adhesives delivers high performance bonding with low, medium and high surface energy materials across both high and low temperature ranges. From hang tabs and security labels to plastics, point of purchase displays and hooks, our cutting-edge high shear rubber solutions have got your adhesive needs covered.

UV acrylics

Endless possibilities with endless applications. The production process of our UV Acrylics give way to custom solutions for any challenge. The more sustainable solution to many other acrylics, applications vary from construction to medical use.


Pure acrylic

Our pure acrylic adhesives are built to be robust, durable and reliable. With good holding power under high stress and heavy loads, and demonstrating comprehensive resistance to a variety of external conditions including chemicals and extreme temperatures, pure acrylics are highly suitable for graphic attachments, badges, emblems, membrane switches, electrical shields, veneers and more.

Silicone adhesive

Typically used for bonding with low surface energy substrates and applications in harsh environments such as extreme temperatures, our silicone adhesives offer superior performance, with a high shear and the ability to withstand service temperatures of up to 250°C. See our FT 3102 product range for more.


Low VOC acrylic

Reducing the number of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) our products release is a significant priority at Avery Dennison. Ideal for bonding to polyether and polyester urethanes and skinned foams, our low VOC tapes are the perfect adhesive solutions to be used in a variety of indoor applications, from seat heating to speaker grills to direct mounting onto printed and flexible circuit boards.

HPA™ high-performance acrylic

Our cutting-edge HPA™ high-performance acrylic adhesives deliver extreme holding power under both stress and high loads, even in harsh environments where chemicals and extreme temperatures may need to be contended with. With a maximum service temperature of 200°C, the HPA™ range is ideally placed for bonding with medium and high surface energy materials.

AFB™ acrylic foam bond

AFB™ is constructed of acrylic foam that is viscoelastic in nature with flow and self-adhesion properties, ensuring it delivers market-leading bonding to a broad range of substrates in demanding environments. Owing to its quick and high tack, common use cases include component assembly and intense mounting and attachment applications.

Permanent & removable

We provide a range of permanent and removable adhesives designed for unique bonding requirements where dissimilar materials are involved. Products in this category include differential tapes with permanent adhesives on the laminating side in combination with removable acrylic adhesives on the mounting side.

Tackified acrylic

Whether you’re dealing with foam bonding, heat shields, UHMWPE, thermal insulation or plasticised materials, our range of tackified acrylic adhesives will deliver. Recommended for bonding to polyester urethane and skinned foams, their high initial tack provides reliable performance for low, medium and high surface energy materials.

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Avery Dennison delivers very high barrier multilayer laminates for warm edge spacer production offering exceptional water vapor and gas barrier, combined with low thermal bridge.


At Avery Dennison Performance Tapes we use our decades of experience designing and manufacturing closure systems to help solve even your most challenging personal care applications.


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