UV acrylics

Avery Dennison's UV acrylics solutions have been specifically designed for the manufacturing of high-quality adhesive tapes for automotive, building and construction, and even medical applications.


Ideally suited for foam and fibre adhesion, UV acrylics offer a versatile adhesive solution for many substrates.


Excellent durability in various conditions, even in hot and moist environments.

Temperature resistance

Depending on the curing process, UV Acrylics tapes can be processed in a variety of temperature conditions.

Application flexibility

Often used in automotive, building and construction, UV Acrylics have a wide variety of applications, extending even into the medical field.

UV Acrylics: endless opportunities for performance.

The most striking benefit of our UV Acrylics is the fact that no solvent or water is used in the coating process. There is no need to use long drying tunnels, which keeps down energy consumption, while curing by UV light eliminates the dependence on water as well.

What’s more, our UV cured acrylic polymers offer low VOC and low fogging. With regards to the latter, Avery Dennison’s acrylic tapes are solvent-free and therefore particularly prevalent in automotive interior applications that require low fogging. Thanks to technological advances, the ‘new car smell’ phenomenon caused by potentially harmful volatile organic compounds is becoming a thing of the past. 

Meanwhile, the crosslink structure typical to this solution and the fact that UV-C sensitive photoreactive groups are part of the polymer explain why no products of potential toxicological concern are released. It used to be that ‘solvent-free’ was less of an issue, or at best a marketing buzzword, but you’ll see it more and more on the technical sheet as the market, the end-user and indeed society demands it. Our whitepaper discusses this more in-depth. As a more sustainable alternative to solvent-based raw materials, the solution is particularly suitable for sensitive applications and can even be used in medical and food sectors.

It’s not only ideal for use in those circuit boards where direct contact is involved, but also in medical applications where limiting the potential for skin irritation and toxicity is critical. It is the number one choice for a variety of applications: paper and filmic labels for food, beverage and cosmetic as well as medical applications. 

In wound care for instance, adhesive materials such as dressings, bandages and gauzes must protect the wound, promote healing and absorb varying levels of exudate. But did you know a delicate and gentle removal of these materials is just as important for the wound to heal properly? UV acrylics offer the most sustainable and breathable solution for medical applications, allowing new technology to contribute to the medical field, advancing patient care in a sustainable way.

The potential for this adhesive in tape applications also extends to direct food contact. Food packaging closure tapes are a common application for our UV acrylic tapes. The independent research organization ISEGA has approved our FT73073 tape for food contact use. It has been approved according to the (EC) No 1935/2004 regulation on materials intended to come in contact with food (dry and moist food including dairy products as well as for fatty foods).

We offer an extensive range of PSA tapes that consider the solution’s unsticking prowess as much as the sticking part. Indeed, the breathability of the solution is superior to other acrylics as well. Which is just another way of saying you have to try really hard not to appreciate the obvious advantages of our special UV acrylic solution. Read more in our whitepaper.


Learn more about Avery Dennison's UV Acrylics solutions in our in-depth whitepaper.