Lamination Adhesives for Added Protection

Clear laminations provide additional protection for safety and product labels used in durables applications. Our lamination offerings feature a selection of pressure-sensitive adhesives for a wide range of applications.

Lamination adhesives add a layer of protection for durable labels

Durable products require product and safety labeling that deliver its message even after years of use, occasional misuse, and exposure to UV, extreme temperatures, fuel, chemicals, and other contaminants.

Many manufacturers and converters thus rely on clear laminations with pressure-sensitive adhesives to add a layer of protection and durability to these important labels.

Pressure-sensitive adhesives and clear PET plastic facestock

A lamination consists of a pressure-sensitive adhesive applied to a clear and durable PET facestock. The adhesive is protected during shipping and storage by a liner that’s removed at the point of application. The lamination is applied on top of the primary label. It protects the underlying printing and artwork while remaining transparent so the label can be read. As with the primary label, the lamination is engineered to last for the lifetime of the product.

A selection of adhesives for a wide range of applications

Avery Dennison Performance Tapes lamination adhesives offering includes a selection of adhesives, PET facestocks, and easy-to-use liners featuring bonding characteristics for challenging applications. The products are backed by sales and technical support, so you can be confident you have the optimal adhesive for the job.

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