Manufacturers in many industries have made the decision to include pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes in their materials specifications. It's no wonder why. Tapes are easy to use, lightweight, and provide a durable bond. Adhesive formulations and carriers can even be customized to the specific needs of an application; providing, for example, enhanced fire retardancy or long-lasting resistance to chemicals. Avery Dennison has a legacy working with manufacturers in a variety of industries, providing them with the adhesives expertise and product solutions for their manufacturing processes.

Going beyond bonding to provide the expertise you need

Our innovative adhesive tapes are changing the way products are designed in many industries. But what sets Avery Dennison apart for many manufacturers goes “beyond bonding.” They rely on our service, support, and expertise to fully leverage our product portfolio and capabilities. 

Most OEMs and tier suppliers don’t have adhesives expertise in-house. So we work closely with them to provide that as a service. 

  • Access to our experts, and insights to help them grow their business

  • Analytics and data to help with adhesive selection

  • Expert guidance for challenging applications and regulatory requirements

  • Active R&D testing to develop new adhesive technologies 

  • Ability to create custom solutions for challenging applications

  • Field support teams providing on-site service, augmented by the expertise of our in-house technical teams

In short, we help customers navigate the complexity of the adhesives industry and develop solutions that help them grow their business.

The Adhesive Tape Technologies We Offer

Avery Dennison engineers pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes for real-world applications and opportunities, featuring technologies that help solve issues such as: conformability, impact resistance, low volatile organic compound (VOC) emission, low surface energy (LSE) bonding, noise and vibration management, repositionability, and resistance to temperatures, chemicals, and UV.

ADvantage Converter Network

Our ADvantage Converter Network features select companies across North America. Each offers broad experience converting our adhesive products, including those in the Core Series™ Portfolio.