Aerospace Bonding & Vibration Damping Tapes

Avery Dennison provides a variety of pressure-sensitive adhesive solutions for use in aerospace applications, including bonding, vibration and masking.

Aerospace tapes for a wide range of requirements

Serving the aerospace industry presents a range of challenges for converters in the space. Tapes must pass flammability requirements and resist a wide spectrum of temperatures. They must also be as lightweight as possible to help the aircraft achieve fuel consumption targets.

Avery Dennison tape solutions for aerospace are used in applications such as: bonding, sound/vibration damping, and part masking. They bond well to a wide selection of substrates used in aerospace, plus provide excellent resistance to chemicals and weathering, and perform in extreme temperatures. They’re designed for use both in new plane construction and refurbishment.

Service and customization

Key components of our solutions for aerospace are our unmatched R&D and service capabilities. OEM specs frequently require more than what’s available off the shelf; so converters often find they need custom, highly specialized solutions.

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