Bonding Tapes & Adhesive Solutions for Abrasives

Avery Dennison offers pressure-sensitive, abrasive tape constructions used for polishing, grinding, and sanding a variety of materials.

Bonding tapes provide a strong connection and easy removability

A variety of industries have applications that use abrasive pads bonded to specialized tools with tapes. These include automotive, building and construction, electronics, manufacturing and transportation.

The adhesives used in these products are often required to provide dual functionality.

On one hand, they should hold the abrasive material securely on the tool. This requires it to withstand not only high rotational forces and pressure, but also be resistant to water, dust, debris, and other contaminants during the processing cycle.

On the other hand, they should be easy to clean and remove. This helps the operator move quickly and efficiently between tasks with a minimum of effort spent on changing the bonding tapes.