EV Battery Adhesive Tape Solutions



Avery Dennison EV Battery adhesive and tape solutions can help you stay in step with ever-changing OEM specifications. We offer adhesive technologies that address reducing flammability, boosting dielectric strength and protecting pack materials.

Avery Dennison EV Battery Tapes Portfolio

The Avery Dennison EV Battery Portfolio includes a wide range of functional bonding and protection tapes, built on multiple pressure-sensitive adhesive technologies. These are engineered to make EV batteries safer, more efficient, and easier to assemble.

The portfolio can help you solve for some of the most common challenges in battery design and construction.


Reducing Flammability
Acrylic- and silicone-based adhesives with Flame Tough™  flame-retardant properties that allow composites and materials to meet UL® 94 V-0 and other flame requirements.

Boosting Dielectric Strength
Single- and double-coated tapes that incorporate dielectric films. Our materials and adhesives are tested for breakdown voltage and dielectric strength requirements using GB/T 1408.1-2016 and ASTM D3755 test methods.

Optimizing Design and Assembly
Functional tapes that can replace mechanical fastening methods while offering a thinner profile, lighter weight, repositionability and instant bond.

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