General Mounting Tapes

Avery Dennison Performance Tapes offers a variety of adhesive products for the mounting of mirrors, trim, decorative elements, and other items in building interiors. Our tapes feature high-performance, pressure-sensitive adhesives designed for reliability across surfaces commonly used in the construction and interior design fields.

Adhesives offer greater ease, better aesthetics

Builders and designers are choosing pressure-sensitive adhesives for mounting components to walls and other surfaces. An alternative to items like screws and nails, adhesives typically allow fast and easy installation, and good aesthetics.

The selection of an adhesive for these types of applications depends on a range of factors, including mounting surface, material to be mounted, force exerted on the adhesive, and service conditions.

Performance tapes engineered for mounting applications

The Avery Dennison portfolio includes tapes with adhesives engineered for these factors. Our tape constructions feature our emulsion and solvent acrylic, modified (“tackified”) acrylic, and synthetic rubber hot-melt adhesives.

Our emulsion and solvent acrylic adhesives bond to a range of metals, plastics and other materials, and can provide additional performance features, such as:

  • Resistance to plasticizers, temperature extremes, chemicals, water and UV light

  • Bond integrity to low surface energy (LSE) substrates like polypropylene

  • Adhesion to textured or irregular surfaces

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